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Now avalable at
RC Hobbies in Coveington, WA Look
for the icon in the rocket descriptions.

Store Address:
17307 S.E. 272nd
Covington, WA 98042
Tel: 253.639.2060









What kid do know that would’nt like rockets. It can be discouraging when the rocket kit cover photo looks spectacular and then you get a pile of parts to assemble and glue yourself. Now you need double that in building supplies, not to mention the time involved helping jr assemble and paint it. All the pre-assembled RTF rockets from other companies are boring. Some e-bay sellers offer wonderfully finished models that could be movie props or works of art. Those can cost much more than I want to spend on a toy. Plus, who wants them to just sit on a display. Once your kid sees a real rocket for themselves, you’ll see their eyes light up. Many kids might want to make rockets for themselves after that, but we get you going with a fleet of cool rockets right away. No matter how you look at it, this is where the fun begins…

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